XIAOMI Outdoor Camera CW300

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Improve your home security with the XIAOMI Outdoor Camera CW300. With 2.5K ultra-clear picture quality, this smart camera ensures top-notch surveillance in any weather condition. Keep your property safe and sound with this reliable outdoor camera.

4MP Smart full-color night vision Bidirectional gimbal movement

IP66 water and dust resistant AI Human Tracking Audible and visual alarm

Two-way Intercom Wired + Wi-Fi dual network MJA1 security chip
Ultra-clear picture quality
Amazing details even zoomed in
The 4MP camera with the f/1.6 large aperture lens presents 2.5K ultra-clear picture quality, offering a clearer and finer image when you zoom in for more details.

Four full-color night vision LEDs
Achieve clear visibility at night
The camera comes with a white light that automatically lights up at night when it recognizes a human figure, providing a colored image in dark surroundings.

Horizontal and vertical gimbals
Greater viewing angle for more peace of mind
The dual-motor pan-tilt zoom design allows users to rotate the lens in all directions via their smartphone, allowing for a larger viewing angle as well as more flexible and reassuring protection.

Professional IP66 water and dust resistant design
No fear of adverse weather conditions
The IP66 water and dust resistance rating enables stable performance in adverse weather conditions.

Human detection supported
Automatic notification when someone approaches
The camera uses a next-generation local AI human-detection algorithm to detect humans more accurately and faster, no cloud needed. When a person is detected, the camera automatically records alert videos and sends notifications to your smartphone.

Track a human body as it moves
The camera intelligently tracks human movement. When someone is detected and locked on to, it automatically tracks and records videos of the person as they move and sends notifications to your smartphone.

Wired + Wi-Fi dual network
Say goodbye to lag
2.4GHz Wi-Fi network supported. The camera also comes with a built-in Ethernet port so you can choose your preferred connection method. The connection is more stable, reducing connection disruptions and providing a smooth user experience.

Hardware-level protection
Your privacy is safe
Each built-in MJA1 security chip is provided with a unique key and credential to effectively protect the data communication and privacy of users with financial-grade security measures.

Ceiling mounting, side mounting, pole mounting
Flexible installation in outdoor areas
Three installation methods are available: ceiling mounting, side mounting, and pole mounting. Users can choose the installation method as required.

Product Name Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300
Rated Input 12V⎓1A
Product Dimensions 168 x 100 x 123mm
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Video Encoding H.265
Night Vision Light 850nm infrared lights x2 White lights x2
Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Compatible with Android 8.0 or iOS 12.0 or later
Storage MicroSD card (min. 8G, max. 256G)/Cloud storage
Package Contents
Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300 x1
Adapter x1
Mounting bracket x1
Ethernet port waterproof kit x1
Mounting template sticker x1
Waterproof tape x1
Mounting screw bag x1
User manual x1
Warning sticker x1
Warranty notice x1

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