Small Space, Big Style: How Modular Furniture is Revolutionizing Home Design in the Philippines

Small Space, Big Style: How Modular Furniture is Revolutionizing Home Design in the Philippines

In the Philippines, land prices can get spectacularly high. Our current economic situation may be a challenge for persons, young couples, and families who are starting to build the foundation of their forever home. With these in mind, what can we do to make the most of our small spaces while maintaining our pride as homeowners who love to design and decorate our homes?

The answer: is modular furniture. This flexible furniture is the building block of multi-functional pieces that are made to match and fit a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic style that all homeowners are currently vying for.

From the living room to the kitchen and the bedroom—there’s a perfect-fit furniture piece for you. Modular furniture is the easy solution for creating a fully-functional matching home that doesn’t simply work but also works great and looks great.

For example, modular furniture uses vertical space by creating multifunctional shelving storage units. These custom furniture pieces can also transform into different types of fixtures. For instance, ES-019 from Easy Space includes a cabinet that turns into an ironing board. Likewise, ES-B07-28-2 elongates and increases in height—perfect for accommodating more people.

For those who work from home, ES-ST-001 is the perfect accent side table which converts into a laptop table that you can slide into your sofa for easy access. Creating a productive work environment at a tiny home can be as simple as that!

Many more modular pieces can easily be configured and commanded to your needs. In a place like the Philippines, where spaces should be maximized, and people are always welcoming towards visitors, modular furniture is essential to make it easy for homeowners to make comfy homes. As the trend towards smaller living spaces continues, we can expect to see more innovative modular furniture designs in the future.

However, there are also some disadvantages to modular furniture. One of the most significant drawbacks is the cost. Modular furniture pieces tend to be more expensive than traditional furniture pieces due to their modular design and customizability. This may not be an issue for those who value the flexibility and contemporary design of modular furniture, but it can be a significant consideration for those on a tight budget.

Despite its disadvantages, modular furniture has had a significant impact on the Philippine interior design scene. The trend towards smaller living spaces has led to an increase in demand for flexible furniture that can be adapted to different room layouts. As a result, modular furniture has become a staple in many interior design projects in the Philippines.

Overall, modular furniture is an excellent investment for the Philippine setting. Small areas are valuable, and getting the most out of the space is crucial. With its space-saving features, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, modular furniture is the missing piece of the homebuilding puzzle of the Filipino homeowner.

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