Where Can I Buy Decent Affordable Furniture?

Where Can I Buy Decent Affordable Furniture?

A good home needs the best pieces of furniture for less. Whether those are couches, beds, chairs, tables, or even your pet’s shelter needs, all want to score these at a friendly price.

If you’re on a budget and on the search for the best equipment because of the pandemic, we got you covered. 

Here are the top 5 featured brands to choose from when buying decent and budget friendly furniture.

Apsara Home

The mother of it all, Apsara Home is keen to all your interior needs. 

This high-end shop filled with bed frames, dining set tables/coffee tables, shoe racks, study tables can still be scored at friendly prices since they manufacture their own local furniture.

Apsara furniture is the most presentable due to its brilliant quality and elegant design. Each furniture is classic, durable, and pleasing to the eye.

It’s something that would come out of a magazine and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Visit Apsara Home's facebook page here:   

Check out Apsara Home PH's website as well:


The sister of Apsara Home is where you will find the best budget furniture in the market.

It caters to a large market due in part to its mass appeal which makes each item suitable for literally everyone who likes to make their home a more habitable place.

Affordahome offers the same furniture categories as Apsara for lesser prices but same in quality. It’s the favorite choice of those who live in townhouses, condo units, and apartments.

What makes this brand so versatile is the fact that even Apsara’s high-end clientele turns to Affordahome for other furniture designs under the brand.

Visit Affordahome's facebook page here:   

Affordahome is also available on Shopee and Lazada:

Affordahome's service is really good and customers would say that it makes the world a better place.

Beanie MNL

The comforts of couches and beds can also be brought to what used to be the simple concept of bean bags.

Beanie MNL has you covered when it comes to soft relaxing beanies if you want a concept piece for your common areas. It's also a good way to get a quick snooze from a long day at work

The brand offers bean bags of any size and the perfect shape as well as an adorable assortment of colors just right for you, it’ll definitely make your money worth it!

Like Beanie MNL on Facebook for more!

Dream Maker Pillows 

Sweet dreams are made of these pillows. A comfortable mattress needs the softest pillow to rest your head on and Dream Maker is the brand for that!

Dream Maker Pillows help you sleep peacefully though its high quality fabric materials formed into the softest pillows sold locally

You can enjoy and have sweet dreams complete with pillows of all sizes, there’s a pillow for you that could make your dreams come true!

Make your dreams come true! Visit Dream Maker Pillows on Facebook

Mr. Chuck

Even the pets have something to keep them cozy. Mr. Chuck provides furniture needs for your fur babies!

The brand makes sure it gives proper care and value to their products knowing how much it means to pets and to their humans.

Offering reliable cages, crates, beds, comfort mats, and playpens at a modest price that will keep your babies safe and comfortable.

Mr. Chuck will be your pets' happy place!

Visit Mr. Chuck's Facebook page and get the goods for your fur baby!

Also click on Mr. Chuck's website for more details.

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