Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2

Sale price₱13,999.00

Main unit

Product dimensions353×350×81mm

Color White

Product net weight3.6 kg

Wireless connection Wi-Fi lEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Rated voltage 14.4V

Rated power 40W

Battery2900mAh (rated capacity)/3200mAh (nominal capacity)

Charging Dock

Product dimensions130×126×93mm

Rated input100-240V~50/6 0Hz 0.5A

Rated output19.8 ⎓1A

Package contents

Main unit Charging Dock Cleaning tool Power cable Water tank Mop pad Side brush User Manual

Cliff Sensor

To detect cliffs and trigger the machine to move backwards Approximate distance of greater than 8cm for typical white medium (in an experimental setting)

Optical Tracking Sensor

To calculate the device mileage About 4 to 6 cm above the ground

Visual Navigation Sensor

To navigate and position the device Field of view: about 137°post

Infrared Deceleration Sensor

To detect the obstacles in front of the device About 0 to 20 cm