ROMAN Upholstered Bed Frame

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Size: 36X75
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Roman Upholstered Bed is a luxurious and stylish bed that features a sleek, modern design. The bed is covered in high-quality upholstery and has a sturdy wooden frame. The headboard is tall and striking, making a statement in any bedroom. The bed is also padded for comfort, providing a soft and cozy place to rest. With its sophisticated design and high-quality materials, the Roman Upholstered Bed is the perfect addition to any bedroom.


L: 207 cm

W: 176 cm

H: 120 cm






Upholstered Fabric Care

  • Vacuum the fabric headboard, hoovering up any dirt or dust that has accumulated
  • Mix some lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent (enough to see some bubbles form)
  • Apply to a cloth and work the solution into any light stains on the headboard
  • For tougher stains, break out the fabric cleaner. Apply to the stain and leave for a couple of hours
  • Be sure to test your fabric cleaner on an inconspicuous area first. If discolouration has occurred, try a different product
  • Once you’ve allowed the headboard to dry, come back and vacuum up any remaining residue. You could even use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process


Minor discrepancy in product photos in different fabric colors are rendered and is modeled to be as accurate as possible. However, due to lighting and different devices used, color may vary slightly from actual photo

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