SAMSUNG AX34T3020WW 34 SQM Air Purifier Air Conditioner

Sale price₱12,995.00

The Samsung AX34T3020WW/TC 34 SQM Air Purifier and Air Conditioner keeps your home air clean and comfortable with its filter and antibacterial coating. Its three-step filter system captures 99% of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold to keep the air in your home free of allergens and pollutants. This energy-efficient air conditioner also has a 34-square-meter coverage which guarantees your whole home is cooled and purged of germs and bacteria.


Physical specification:
Gross Weight (kg) - 10.4 Top
Panel Colour - Black
Gross Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, mm) - 407 × 647 × 407 mm
Net Dimension (WxHxD, mm) - 350 × 540 × 350 mm
Net Weight (kg)8.2 kg
Color - White