Samsung Canister VC18M21MOVN Vacuum Cleaner

Sale price₱6,195.00

The Samsung Canister VC18M21MOVN Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and lightweight machine for efficiently removing dirt and debris. Featuring an adjustable power nozzle and advanced dustcleaning technology, it ensures thorough suction power with minimal effort. Its HEPA filter prevents fine dust particles from entering back into the air, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions L 39.8 x W 27.2 x H 24.3 (cm)
Type Bagless
Suction Power 360W
Dustbin Capacity 1.5L
Noise Level 87 dBA
Color Urban Green
Brushes 2-Step Brush & Pet Brush
Accessory 2-in-1 Accessory
Power Cord Length 6.0 m