XIAOMI Hair Clipper

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Experience a professional and precise haircut with XIAOMI Hair Clipper. Designed with industry expertise, this clipper offers precise cuts and easy handling. With its advanced features, achieve your desired hairstyle effortlessly. Upgrade your grooming routine with XIAOMI Hair Clipper.

The right length, the right style5 length settings for styling precision + 14 length settings for comb adjustmentTitanium-plated ceramic blade head180-minute long battery life*
5 length millimeter-level precision haircut Easy to create a natural gradient
5 length of moving blade adjustment offer a natural gradient haircut. Easy trimming sideburns and neck contours.Adjustable length: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm
180min long-lasting battery life, without low-battery anxiety

Using high-capacity lithium battery, Type-C interface, charging 1 time can last up to 180min *, to meet the needs of the whole family haircut. it can be charged and supplied power simultaneously to get rid of low-battery anxiety

DC motor with low noise and high torque Easy to deal with any kinds of hair type

High speed mode with 6200 RPM, strong torque motor, excellent shear force, different hair type can easily cope with. it is easily keep in a 50dB(A)* noise level while cutting efficiently.

Double-sided large rounded corner design Rounded and comfortable, unhurtful to the skin

Specially designed bilateral rounded blade teeth, close to the scalp rounded and comfortable, no need to worry about hurting your skin

Once you get started, you are a master

7 accessories to help you easily get started and achieve your ideal hair style.


Model LFQ03KL / LFQ04KL

Charging Time 2.5 hours

Net Weight 266g

Rated Voltage 3.7V⎓

Item Dimensions 47×45×182mm

Rated Power 3W

Color Black

Input 5V⎓1A


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