XIAOMI Solar Outdoor Camera BW 400 Pro Set

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Enhance your outdoor security with the XIAOMI Solar Outdoor Camera BW 400 Pro Set. Featuring solar power and a 1080p HD camera, it offers 24/7 surveillance with minimal maintenance. With IP65 weather resistance and night vision capabilities, your property will be protected day and night. Trust in the advanced technology of XIAOMI for your security needs.

XIAOMI Solar Outdoor Camera BW 400 Pro Set

Solar-powered battery for uninterrupted high-quality housekeeping

1/2.7-inch sensorClear imaging in any environment
Day and night, clear picture quality in any outdoor environment
4MP clear, high-detail surveillance



Expanded horizon to eliminate blind spots
Horizontal view
Vertical view

Clear night visionFeel safer at night
High-power infrared lights and full-color LED lights capture clear images, even when it's dark outside

Infrared night vision
More energy-efficient for daily use
Full-color night vision
For dark environments

10000mAh batteryUninterrupted online protection
High-capacity battery for a steady supply of power180 days* of continuous operation with normal use

 10000mAh battery Uninterrupted online protection High-capacity battery for a steady supply of power 180 days* of continuous operation with normal use

Built-in solar-powered panelConvert sunlight into power for night-time use
Solar cells conversion rate of 20%* for efficient power storage

Real-time smart response reduces unnecessary power consumption
Local filtering algorithms, low-power consumption technical architecture, and BaseStation reduce power consumption for more power-efficient real-time monitoring performance.

Smart computing with an AI chipSmooth images, precise recognition
Multiple algorithm models for enhanced response stabilitySmoother images

Precise recognition of the human form
An alert is automatically sent to your smartphone if a human figure appears in the frame

Receive an alert as soon as an intruder is detected
Customize the detection area to receive immediate alerts on your smartphone when an intruder is detected

Wireless connection to the base station for more flexible installation
Power-efficient communication between the camera and the base station without the need for a router provides more flexible coverage over a longer distance

Product Specifications
Product name Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set Specifications
Product Model BW400 Pro
Battery Capacity10000mAh
Resolution 2.5K
Viewing Angle 132°


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